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Past Life Regression

& Spiritual Hypnotherapy Training


Upgrade your hypnotherapy sessions to the next level by taking clients into different segments of their past including relationships, childhood, the womb and past lives. The practice of Past Life Regression allows you to uncover central core issue of their problems, honor them and release them once and for all. Past life issues manifest themselves in many different ways; learn how and when a client needs to visit a past life and what you need to know as their guide.

Monday, April 5-

Friday, April 9, 2021


9 a.m.- 5 p.m. daily

LIVE Online via Zoom

Learn how to:


  • Heal difficult and/or terminated relationships by cutting the cords

  • Release negative energy stemming from negative emotions or childhood events causing issues in adulthood

  • Release events from past lives

  • Find spiritual emotional ties or cords which are automatic connections to people in this lifetime and how to cut them if necessary

  • Connect your clients to their departed loved ones, how to have them communicate and release any guilt

  • Show clients how there is life after death to release any fear of death

  • Recognize negative spirits which may be preventing them from happiness


We will also go deeper into the practice by covering what the Akashic Records are, how to access them, how to work with them to release past and present issues and to show the future. And discussing what Spiritual Contracts are, why they exist and how to cancel them.

Course Investment

Early Bird 

(Now-March 1):


Regular Price 

(March 2-April 4)


What is included: 

  • 40-hour Spiritual Ingression Therapy Training Course 

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Digital coursebook and materials

  • Spiritual Ingression Therapist starter kit with forms, recordings and other integral elements needed to see your SIT clients

  • A total of six one-hour-long group follow-up calls to share ideas and ask questions

  •  PLUS pre-sale registrants receive a private phone call with Sue with an added value of $175

TOTAL COURSE VALUE of more than $6,200

Susan Lawrence is a Certified Spiritual & Clinical Hypnotherapist who started her own successful company, Get Joyful Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching, more than a decade ago. 


She was trained by the best and then developed her own technique. Susan will share her knowledge with the class including:

  • Divine Healing: One of Susan’s specialties where you are guiding a client to see not only their departed loved ones and pets, but also to experience a visit with angels. Learn how to call the masters that fit into the client’s belief system.

  • SIT or Spiritual Ingression Therapy:  Take your client into the spiritual realms for healing.  Learn how to help relieve your clients fear and the pain it causes by giving them a tool they can use for the rest of their lives.

  • Cutting Spiritual Cords: These tie us to others in ways that would surprise you and these cords need to be cut in order to move past the often times negative experiences and emotions one holds on to. Learn how to help your client cut the cords to heal relationships.

Difficult relationships, unexplained pain, illness, allergies, and often many fears are derived from their past life experiences.  These can all be acknowledged and released to allow your client to be free of them. 

As a bonus, we will cover: 

  • Give a powerful pre-talk explanation of how hypnosis works, why it works and how it feels 

  • How to preform a quick and easy technique to hypnotizing clients to 98% success rate

  • How to connect with clients immediately

  • Receive a two 60-minute subliminal music MP3s

  • How to create your own subliminal music for relaxing your clients

  • How to Record your client sessions which they can purchase

  • New & Repeat Client Forms and receive a copy to use

  • Learn how to use the internet to hypnotize out of state clients

  • Where to buy eye masks for cheap & why they are a good idea

  • And finally, learn how to make her famous water (yes, it’s THAT good)

Questions? Speak to Sue directly by clicking here to email her!

*Must be a certified hypnotherapist to participate in the course.

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